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This page allows you to create an account that you shall use to apply for membership in the next step. Ensure that you read the instruction. Membership is subject to approval.
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Registration Instructions
Read Carefully
Step 1. Select your application type then click next.
Step 2. Select membership class then click next.
Step 3. Select membership category/chapter and click next.
Step 4. Fill in personal details to create an account and start the application.
Step 5. Enter your academic information and other required information.
Step 6. Upload supporting documents.
Step 7. Pay the required amount.
Step 8. Submit your application by clicking submit button.

Please check website for more information

Membership Class

Membership Fee: KES 2,400.0

Entrance Fee: KES 500.0


Membership Fee: KES 5,000.0

Entrance Fee: KES 3,000.0


Firm Details
Firm/Business Name
Business Email
Office Mobile Number
Physical Address
Firm/Business Type

Board Registration No.
Board Registration Date

Registration Number
Registration Date
Applicant Details
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Select Country
Phone Number
ID No/Passport
Credential Details
Password Take note of the password as you will use it on approval
Confirm Password

Want to check application status? Please check email and click the initial link.

Membership Summary



Entrance Fee
Application Fee
Membership Fee

Total Cost:
Firm Details
Firm/Business Name
Office Mobile Number
Business Email
Firm/Business Type
Postal Address
Physical Address
No OF Employees

Board Registration No.
Board Registration Date

Registration Number
Registration Date

Personal Details
Postal Address
Next of Kin Details (Optional)

Add New Institution (If not listed)
If student, enter expected year of graduation

Document Qualification Institution Course Year Action


  • Allowed Sponsor Membership

Please note that an email will be sent to sponsor to confirm your details.


Please note that an email will be sent to referees to confirm your details.

Work Experience:

Professional Registration


Please upload your supporting documents. Maximum size should be 2MB. To compress your PDF. Click Here

You can upload as many documents as possible as per the requirements. Upload one document at a time. Select Type, Enter Title, Select Document and click Upload.!

NB: Documents Required:

# Type Title Description Download Action

Entrance Fee:
Application Fee:
Membership Fee:
Total Invoiced:
Balance Due:
Enter Payment Details
Choose Payment Option
Send M-PESA Ksh. to Pay Bill Business number . Submit the Confirmation Code below.
  1. Go to M-PESA on your phone
  2. Select Pay Bill option
  3. Enter Business no.
  4. Account Number.
  5. Enter the Amount Ksh.
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
  7. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA with a Confirmation Code
  8. After you receive the confirmation SMS

Waiting for Mpesa to complete payment. Kindly enter your Mpesa PIN when prompted to complete transaction.

M-pesa Note: Click Pay Now to receive a sim toolkit push that allows you to enter your M-pesa pin to complete payment.

All Payments should be made to KARMA, Equity Bank, Harambee Avenue, Account No. 0240296600533 and the deposit slip sent via email to

Alternatively, one can make the payments via Mpesa using Paybill Number: 247247 and account number 0240296600533
Annual Fee

Total Cost:

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